15 12, 2017

Chocolate History

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Cacao history is linked to cacao plant which, on the basis of botanic research, was present in the Amazon and Orinoco 6000 years ago. The first cacao cultivations were made by Maya peoples in 1000 BC and, afterwards, by [...]

15 12, 2017

Beneficial Effects

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We report here below some statements of the famous Italian doctor Umberto Veronesi, taken from the section "Our health" of the magazine "Oggi"; " …chocolate isn’t bad for your health, if you do not eat excessive quantities, as for [...]

15 12, 2017

Advise on Tasting

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When you taste any kind of food, your senses try to judge the product quality. In order to apply this method in a correct and successful way, it is necessary to follow some practical rules, for achieving the expected [...]