PANETTONE GLASSATO – Available from November 27th

Handmade sourdough panettone with almond glaze, enriched with raisins and candied fruit , strictly hand-wrapped. The traditional Italian dessert to share with friends and family


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Panettone cake with almond glaze , enriched with raisins and candied fruit

INGREDIENTS: wheat flour, butter , raisins, egg yolk, orange zest (orange cube, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup), sugar, orange paste, whole milk powder, almonds, egg white, salt, natural yeast (wheat flour), invert sugar, Madagascar vanilla pod. May contain traces of soia.

Because it contains a high amount of butter, it is recommended that it be stored at room temperature

Net weight 1 kg


Informazioni nutrizionali per 100g / Nutritional Information for 100 g

Valore Energetico / Energy value 388 kcal

Valore Energetico / Energy value 1628 kJ

Grassi / Fats 16 g

Di cui grassi saturi / including satured Fats 8 g

Carboidrati / Carbohydrates 53 g

Zuccheri / Sugars 35 g

Proteine / Proteins 7 g

Sale / Salt 0,35 g